Lay Leader (Volunteer) Events

Leading Worship Matters—lay worship leader training Feb. 10

Why involve more lay people in leading worship?  Aren’t the pastor and worship director paid to do all that?  Actually, a wealth of theological justification exists for the participation and inclusion of more and MORE members of the body of Christ in leading worship.  To do this, the church needs the support of a well-prepared group of lay worship leaders to enable God’s assembled people–the congregation–to engage fully and actively in worship.

St. Stephen’s is blessed with many long-serving ushers, deacons, sacristans, and assisting ministers, and we know that there are newer members who would like to serve in these capacities given the opportunity for some mentorship and training.  We also know that some of the changes in pastoral leadership over the past several years has caused some of our established procedures to shift, change, and become a little unfamiliar to the existing leaders.  As a result, we invite you to sign up for a morning of training, fellowship, from 9-12 with an appreciation luncheon to follow at noon using this button.

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If you are, have been, or want to be part of these important ministries (usher, deacon, sacristan, or assisting minister), please join us for this event, Saturday, Feb. 10.

Click here to inform us if you have dietary restrictions/needs that we should be aware of when planning the luncheon.