Summer Schedule and Worship Forums


Join us in the St. Stephen’s sandbox this summer!

In the tech-world, a “sandbox” is a testing environment where you are free to explore and experiment in a protected space with the opportunity to troubleshoot, to modify, and to adjust before making lasting, permanent change. It is a temporary environment, and despite its infinite potential for exploration, it relies on a firm foundation of the regular routine.

This summer, we want you to join us in the sandbox beginning May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend) at 9:30 on Sunday mornings to worship and explore, to praise and sing, to learn and grow.  As we gather together as a community of faith, there will be opportunity for meeting other members you haven’t met and give productive feedback along the way.  Worship matters, and our “Assembly” is required!

We’re working hard to create a flexible worship environment that will include familiar elements of Word, sacrament, ritual, and music, that will be true to our liturgical Lutheran heritage, rich with opportunities for engaging participation.

In conjunction with this effort…

We are hosting a series of worship forums designed to focus on why we do what we do in worship.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in these discussions.  (Please register with the office by May 21st if you wish to purchase a printed guide, Worship Matters:  An Introduction to Worship; this $10 handbook is helpful but not required.)  The forum will begin before the service from 8:30-9:15 AM  and continue after the service from 10:30-11 AM.

    • June 3: Part 1—“Why Do We Worship?”
    • June 17: Part 2—“Encountering God in Word”
    • July 15: Part 3—“Encountering God in the Sacraments”
    • July 29: Part 4—“Responding to God in Prayer and Praise”
    • August 5: Part 5—“Worship and the World”

Signup to participate in the forums and purchase your copy of the Worship Matters guidebook by using the link below:

Sign Up!

By taking the summer to explore our traditions, examine our practices, and get acquainted with each other, we will be poised to enter our fall program year spiritually nourished, refreshed, and revitalized. We will be ready on September 9th to do God’s Work with Our Hands alongside other Lutheran congregations across the nation and throughout the world.

And better still, when we begin our program year on September 16th, we will have cultivated the resources to move forward together with two inviting, faith-affirming, uplifting, and equally accessible worship opportunities Sundays at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

You are invited and encouraged to be part of the process:  join us in the sandbox this summer!