About Us

St. Stephen’s is a member of the ELCA South-Central Synod of Wisconsin, and a Reconciling in Christ congregation, welcoming all members of the community.

We are active in the spiritual and social life of our community, serving as a home for the Monona Food Pantry and the a New Bridge Meal Site. In 2013, St. Stephen’s celebrated 60 years of ministry in Monona, with over 50 years in our current location on Pheasant Hill Rd. St. Stephen’s began in 1953 with the construction of a modest “House-Chapel” on the corner of Schultz Ave. and Winnequah Rd., where we remained until dedicating our current building—minus the second floor of the education wing, which was completed in 1962. In 1969, the building was further expanded to include the current Sanctuary, offices and Fireside Room. Our most recent addition, the fellowship space known as Koinonia Place, was completed in 2003. In 2005, after decades of planning, the congregation welcomed the installation of a magnificent pipe organ. Designed by renowned organ designer Manuel Rosales and constructed as a joint venture between the Parsons Pipe Organ Builders and Rosales Organ Builders, the beautiful instrument graces our Sanctuary and provides the accompaniment for the majority of our worship.


St. Stephen’s Church in Monona is Consecrated (1960 photo)

Photo above is © copyrighted property of Wisconsin State Journal and is provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society subject to contract, and is here linked directly to WHS.  It is not owned, stored, or duplicated by any means–electronic or otherwise–by St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church.

Wisconsin Historical Society, Vinje, Arthur M., 1888-1972, St. Stephen’s Church in Monona is Consecrated, 105291. Viewed online at (Wisconsin Historical Society).