Dear Paige,

Recognition (and celebration!) for Paige's Ministry at St. Stephen's: February 16

We are so thankful for the ministry of Paige during her tenure as Director of Children and Family Ministries at St. Stephen’s.  She brought passion, creativity, energy, many gifts, and teamwork in this focus of ministry as well as with staff and the whole congregation.  Paige has helped St. Stephen’s in so many ways, including as a supporter of our online ministries, through communications, and as photographer.  (Did you know how hard it was to find a photo OF her, rather than one that was taken BY her?)

Join us Sunday, February 16th as we recognize her ministry (during both services), stay for a reception and fellowship celebrating her time as part of St. Stephen’s staff, and welcome her and her family as they look forward to continuing as part of the St. Stephen’s family, worshiping and serving alongside of us as members!

Because we know that not everyone will have an opportunity to be in attendance, we encourage you to leave a comment (below) for Paige here that we can share with her, showing how she has inspired, encouraged, and touched lives through her important ministry.

Let’s show some love!

Dear Paige,