Congregational Identity Survey

St. Stephen’s Congregational Identity Survey–now open!

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Why you should take this survey: The Connect Team is working to identify the St. Stephen’s Biblical story. Our biblical story serves to anchor our identity (who we are) in scripture, and give focus to our missional purpose for the sake of the Gospel.

What is the purpose: The survey below is an opportunity for members to review the possible bible stories that the Connect team has selected as finalists to discuss further. Our goal is to get to two final choices and to have the congregation participate in the final selection.

What this is not: This is NOT a survey for you to decide your personal, favorite Bible story but the identity of St. Stephen’s as a whole.

How were these verses chosen: The Connect Team chose these passages as a result of feedback from the historical timeline of St. Stephen’s, an online survey, focus groups at St Stephen’s, and our analysis and discussions. These were the common themes and concepts that guided us.
• Proximity to church
• Welcoming
• Open and accepting
• Community oriented
• Social Justice
• Creative worship & Arts (Music, Visual, Etc.)
• Rich Lutheran Roots/ Theology
• Progressive
Directions: Below are 5 Bible Stories that made the cut.

Matthew 14:13-21  Feeding of the five thousand
Mark 2:1-12   Jesus Heals a Paralytic
Luke 10:25-37 Good Samaritan
Luke 24:13-35 Road to Emmaus
John 4:1-42  Woman of Samaria at the Well

In the survey, you will be asked to rank them from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best fit. There is an opportunity offered for you to note an additional passage/story if you feel passionate that none of the others is a good fit. Please share any comments at the end of the survey.

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The CONNECT Team appreciates and values your feedback!